Trick Photography And Special Effects


Get Familiar with the Basics of Trick Photography and Special Effects!

Do you want to take mind-blowing photos that will have heads turning? Learning the secrets of trick photography and special effects is a great way to take your images to the next level. With the advent of Photoshop, the magic of trick photography and special effects runs the risk of being forgotten. But computer-generated images can never quite compare to the wonder generated by camera tricks. Read More About Trick Photography!


Inexpensive Trick Photography Techniques

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Cheap Tricks: Trick Photography Techniques that are Inexpensive and Effective

If you’re just starting out as a photographer, it’s important to experiment with techniques and equipment to find out what works best for you before purchasing expensive gear. With a standard Nikon D5600 camera, tripod, and basic photo editing software, you can try some inexpensive yet stunning trick photography techniques that will take the images to the next level. Read on to get the facts on developing some easy trick photography that will amaze your viewers and enhance your skills as an artist. Learn More About Inexpensive Trick Photography Techniques


Special Effects Tools


Special effects photography is used to create images that “trick the eye”.

Special effects photography is used to create images that “trick the eye,” creatively using the camera, props, and other equipment to make seemingly unbelievable photographs.Read on for a description of the various techniques used in special effects photography.  Mastering these types of shots will expand your body of work and ultimately make you a better photographer, with a portfolio that will wow even the most seasoned professionals. Read More About Special Effects Tools!

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Trick Photography Pictures!


Trick Photography Pictures for the Novice and Seasoned Professional!

Whether you’re a novice photographer or a seasoned professional, there are certain photos you probably look at and wonder, “How on Earth did they do that?” In many cases, the answer is most likely trick photography. By incorporating these techniques into your own work, you too can produce mind-blowing photographs that are also works of art. If you’ve ever wanted to break into stock photography, learning photo tricks is a great way to produce unusual images that get noticed. Read More on Trick Photography Pictures!


Photography Tricks Explained!


 How Did They Do That?

Have you ever looked at an amazing photograph and wondered “How did they do that?” Wonder no more. If you are a photographer who wants to learn how to do some of the most interesting and exciting photo tricks, this article will explain exactly how those mind-boggling images are made. Read on to get the secrets of special effects and trick photography, and learn how to incorporate them into your own work. Read More About Photography Tricks Explained!